YouTube beginning to suck


I spend a lot of time watching video’s on YouTube. Lots of interesting channels about hardware hacking, radiation detection, electronics and stuff.

But lately something has changed. YouTube continually tries to push unrelated or unwanted videos on me. On the right side I used to see only videos that were more or less closely related to the video. But nowadays completely unrelated videos pop up. The recommendations seem to be based on two things:

– Whatever videos you watched in the past. But even with all the history deleted, videos that I watched continue to pop up on the right side, even when they are completely unrelated to the video being watched.

– Random stuff that is supposed to be “fun” but are rehashes of other videos, memes and stuff. It seems that YouTube sells these spots for $$$ to enable people to promote push their videos onto the YouTube audience.

Because I tend to search for rather specific subjects, it annoys me like hell that the recommended videos are filled with useless crap. If I search for something I want relevant results, not unrelated crap!

Here are some more examples of YouTube pushing completely unrelated and irrelevant stuff:

Looking for stuff on CDV-700 Geiger Counters? Guess you’re also looking for combat helicopters and high voltage experiments, just because you watched stuff like that some time ago:

Looking for some thrash metal to listen for? Guess you’re also interested in melting METAL instead of listening to it. You might also do something useful, get back to messing with voltage regulators!


Please YouTube, F$%^$%ck off with irrelevant recommendations, it’s highly annoying!

One Response to YouTube beginning to suck

  1. I noticed this too. I can even be watching a series and look for the NEXT part in line and Youtube will not find it unless I turn blue in the face, utter profuse death threats/swear words, AND try to search it through some other complicated/obfuscated methods, as if PRETENDING to not look for what I’m really looking for. What a bunch of Bozos, eh? 🙂