Some rad links…

Below are some interesting links about radiation (detection) that I have collected over time:

Have questions about geiger counters, the CDV-700 or gammaspectrometry? Just go to these Yahoo groups:

CDV700CLUB : The CDV 700 Club is a forum for like minded individuals that enjoy collecting, fixing up, and using geiger counters and other r

GeigerCounterEnthusiasts : PAGE 2…for Archives go to PAGE1

GammaSpectrometry : Gamma Spectrometry

Want videos? Check out these awesome Youtube channels:

Want pictures? Check out the Flickr Radioactivity pool:

Some DIY stuff, schematics, from simple clickers to microprocessor powered counters:


Pololu robotics forum – View topic – ATtiny26 Geiger counter schematic and code

Indrek’s scintillation detector project

Pra_Amplifier Prototype Schematic | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The GC/RL Geiger Counter / Radiation Detection and Data Logger Project

Anschluss und Verwendung von Geiger Müller SBM-20 –


A Low Ripple HV Supply for PMT’s


VK2ZAY Radioactivity projects






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