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  • Raspberry Pi remote sensors

    Posted on by Johan

    I recently bought a Raspberry Pi to experiment with. The first things I did with it was connecting and reading out Maxim Integrated DS1820 one wire temperature sensor and the cheap Chinese DHT11 temperature / relative humidity sensor.

    To connect the sensors, I soldered some female pin headers to a piece of PCB. For the one wire network I soldered a 4.7K resistor between Vcc on pin1 (3.3V) and GPIO4 on pin 7. GPIO4 is the data pin for one wire, I used GPIO2 as the data pin for the DHT11.  DHT11 “modules” with a PCB and three pins have their own pull up resistor, the separate 4 pin sensors don’t. Shown below is the quick setup, I soldered the DS1820 directly to the PCB, and connected the DHT11 with some wires for 3.3V, data and ground.



    GPIO pinouts differ between the Raspberry Pi versions, I found the following pinout to be correct for my Raspberry Pi, a model A version 2.

    Reading out the sensors is easy. For the DS1820, load the required kernel modules which are included in the Raspbian Linux distribution: Continue reading  Post ID 1179